Frequently asked questions:


1. Why choose a cogeneration unit (CHP)?

Growing energy requirements and the resulting increases in energy prices as well as shortage of energy reserves demand efficient use of the supplied energy. This is the strength of the neoTower®, as the employed energy (natural/liquid gas) is used with an efficiency of up to 90 per cent for decentralised generation of electrical power and heat. As a result, the CO2 emissions of conventional power generation methods are lowered by around 30 per cent. The neoTower® makes a considerable contribution to environmental and climate protection.

2. How does the neoTower® work?

A combustion engine drives a high-capacity generator that produces electrical power. The heat that is produced as a by-product is used to heat your water. You therefore produce your energy where it is needed. In your building.

3. Which neoTower® is right for me?

Our free economy check tells you within a few minutes which neoTower® is right for your building.

4. Do I qualify for state subsidies?

The neoTower® subsidy service will advise you with the latest information and expert competence. It provides transparency about all the possible subsidies and grants for the planned project. Today this professional service is of inestimable value for all specialist companies, planners, architects and house owners.

5. What are the important points for approval, registration and operation?

The neoTower® Owner Service provides information on the respective forms required for each project and submits all applications for approval and registration of the neoTower® system to the respective authorities and offices.