Our mission

The long-term success of our company depends on our ability to improve our products and services while we protect humanity and the environment. This is also our mission with regard to our product:

“Reducing global pollution and saving the world’s resources with the most efficient cogeneration unit technology.”

For our company, customer satisfaction is our most important goal, as our customers are the reason we do our job. With the neoTower® we have developed a product that is geared to the future, and our work is focused on satisfying customer wishes. This includes recognising these wishes when working on site with our partners and especially with our end customers.

In line with the demands we make of our employees, motivating them to exceed the expectations of our customers, our product, the neoTower®, also exceeds customer expectations. As a result, we offer our customers a wide range of products and services and guarantee provision of a high-quality neoTower® as well as the highest supplier reliability. We also constantly analyse and optimise our existing processes by means of internal audits and training schemes. In addition, a complex fault and complaint system has been implemented in our company to prevent faults and complaints in the future.

Our employees are another important pillar of our company, as we can only produce the neoTower® to the high level of quality our customers deserve with their high level of motivation and level of integration. We have therefore formulated two additional demands for our employees to meet:

“Think about tomorrow today” and “Take time for focused work”.

To maintain and boost the high level of motivation and confidence in our company , we ensure transparent internal communication and provide suitable training and further training in all fields. This enables our employees to further their careers. We also have a high level of responsibility towards our employees and ensure that all active and relevant work safety regulations are complied with and observed in the company.

We mainly work with suppliers and business partners who comply with our quality standards and who also have their own quality management system. This compliance enables us to guarantee that our customers receive high-quality supplied parts. In addition, we ensure that our suppliers and business partners comply with all specified rights and statutory requirements.

Our managers live by the values of our quality and work safety management system and are obliged to ensure that all quality and work safety standards are met by all people working for the company.