neoTower® 5,0 – 7,2

neoTower Premium S

neoTower® 5,0 – 7,2

The 5,0 – 7,2 performance class includes two neoTower® models with an electrical capacity of 5,0 kW or 7,2 kW. The systems are therefore designed for annual power requirements of 20,000 to 50,000 kWh electrical power and from 60,000 to 100,000 kWh heat.

A large house with two apartments can already have such requirements. However, the main applications are apartment buildings, small commercial enterprises as well as small to medium guest houses and hotels. Which of the two systems is suitable – or if it could even be a size larger – is clarified at the outset with an individual profitability calculation.





Technical specifications

neoTower® 5,0 7.2
Electrical output modulation [kWel] 2.9 – 5.0 3.9 – 7.2
Thermal output modulation [kWth] 9.2 – 12.0 12.7 – 18.1
fPe primary factor (1) 0.286 0.290
Total efficiency ratio tot [%] 107.3 109.5

1) fpe-current = 2,8 displacement ratio according to DIN V 18599, DIN V 4701-10, EnEV 2014 valid as of 01.01.2016

Power modulation

The neoTower® always adapts its efficiency to the current requirements of your building.

The setting can be optimised for either power or heat. The system only produces what is currently required.

  • Power generation 35% 35%
  • Heat generation 65% 65%
  • Overall efficiency 100% 100%

Intuitive operation

The neoTower® is easy to operate. Settings are made on the touchscreen and the current consumption and production values can be visualised if required.

Charging station

Take the first step: Use the neoTower® as an electrical charging station for e-bikes and electric vehicles. Charge all other rechargeable devices with the neoTower®.

Remote monitoring

Each neoTower® is equipped with a wireless internet connection as a standard feature. You can therefore access your cogeneration unit around the clock from anywhere in the world. Every system is monitored in real-time by RMB/ENERGIE so that problems can be rectified as quickly as possible.

Long maintenance intervals

A constant and low speed keeps wear on the neoTower® to a minimum. This means that the maintenance intervals are very long.