neoTower® LIVING

neoTower® LIVING

The cogeneration unit for buildings housing one or two families

Protect the environment and also your wallet: With the neoTower® LIVING, owners of buildings housing one or two families benefit from the advantages of cogeneration. As power and heat are generated at the same time, the CO2 emissions are lower than those of conventional energy generation systems. In addition, the primary energy requirements drop considerably.





Technical specifications


neoTower® LIVING 2,0 3,3 4,0
Electrical output modulation [kWel] 1.1 – 2.0 2.0 – 3.3 2.0 – 4.0
Thermal output modulation [kWth] 3.8 – 5.2 5.9 – 8.2 5.9 – 8.8
fPe primary factor (1) 0.445 0.378 0.302
Total efficiency ratio tot [%] 100.1 102.5 101.6

1) fpe-current = 2,8 displacement ratio according to DIN V 18599, DIN V 4701-10, EnEV 2014 valid as of 01.01.2016

„There are a number of modern heating systems, but none produce power and heat as efficiently as a cogeneration unit.“

Power modulation

The neoTower® always adapts its efficiency to the current requirements of your building.

The setting can be optimised for either power or heat. The system only produces what is currently required.

  • Power generation 35% 35%
  • Heat generation 65% 65%
  • Overall efficiency 100% 100%

Save money

From now on you too can profit from the decentralised power supply as a house owner. With the neoTower® LIVING you not only protect the environment, but also your wallet as you can make use of state subsidies and grants.


Wellness for your mind: With the neoTower® LIVING you have a reliable heating system that ensures cosy warmth – irrespective of whether you use conventional radiators or a modern underfloor heating system. Stopping climate change does not have to mean less living comfort.


Think about tomorrow today – with the neoTower® you not only lower your CO2 emissions but also save valuable primary energy by highly-efficient utilisation. In addition, transmission losses are minimised by short transport routes, as you generate the power where it is required.

Electrical power

You use the power you produce for whatever is needed – for example your refrigerator, TV or hair dryer. Should you already have an e-bike or an electric car, you can change your neoTower® LIVING into an electric charging station for vehicles of all kinds.

Connection to the internet, live data,

integrated operating panel and many more features are included.