Power storage

Manage your energy

With your neoTower®, electricity and heat are generated directly where they are needed. The use of a specially developed power storage from RMB/ENERGIE GmbH increases the proportion of self-generated electricity.

The excess electricity produced is stored in high-quality LiFePo4 batteries. You are supplied even more effectively with your self-generated electricity.


Adaptable – From power storage unit directly into electric cars

The power storage is also useful in regular everyday operation. For example, an electric car can be charged with low-cost electricity via an electric charging station.

In general, the costly use of electricity from the public grid can be significantly reduced or even avoided altogether.

neotower power storage


Your back-up in a power failure

In the event of a power failure, the CHP is operated in grid substitution mode for an unlimited period of time. The CHP can now start independently by means of the power storage and ensure the power supply.

The “blackout start option” is installed as standard in all new CHP models.

Connection of a photovoltaic system to the power storage and neoTower


A good combination

The photovoltaic system for electricity generation perfectly complements the neoTower® power storage.

Your photovoltaic system mainly supplies electricity in the summer months. In the cooler months, your neoTower® takes over electricity and heat production. This potential, which is available throughout the year, is now perfectly utilised:

With the help of your neoTower® power storage!

Delivering energy supply security with power storage

With the grid substitution mode, the degree of self-sufficiency increases even further and also provides a real safety plus. Unlike conventional blackout start solutions with asynchronous generators, we rely on the combination with a power storage. In the event of a power failure, the system takes over the supply of the connected consumers. Switchover takes place within just a few milliseconds, ensuring uninterrupted operation of computers and other electronic devices.

installation scheme grid substitution mode

Example systems

The following systems can result for a neoTower® with 9.5 or 25.0 kW electrical output:

neoTower® 9.5 25.0
Blackout start capability Yes Yes
Battery storage size (gross) [kWh] 32,0 71,0
max. Max. power output [VA] 15.000 45.000
Continuous charging power [VA] 10.000 28.800
Weight [kg] 682,58 2.118,63
Number of cabinets [Variante 1 I Variante 2] 2 | 2 4 | 5
Dimensions per cabinet (LxBxH) [Variante 1] [mm] 706 x 602 x 2.080 911 x 802 x 2.080
Dimensions per cabinet (LxBxH) [Variante 2] [mm] 706 x 602 x 1.880 911 x 802 x 1.880

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