neoTower Blockheizkraftwerke Modellreihe

RMB/ENERGIE GmbH – The manufacturer of combined heat and power plants in the power range from 2.0 to 50.0 kW electrical output


The neoTower®: quiet, durable, efficient and compact. Intelligently designed sound insulation and the very low engine speed assure whisper-quiet operation and maximise service life. Therefore, neoTower® cogeneration units are also well-suited for properties with higher demands on comfort, such as hotels or nursing homes.

A degree of efficiency of up to 109.5% is a testament to maximum efficiency. With the compact design and optional dismantled delivery, the neoTower® can be used in nearly any location.





Made in Germany

Standardised condensing boiler technology

With the standardised integrated condensing boiler
technology, the neoTower® cogeneration units
achieve energy efficiency levels of up to 109.5%.

Charging station

Make the first step: Use the neoTower® as an electric charging station for e-bikes and electric
vehicles. You can also charge other rechargeable electrical devices with the neoTower®.

Pretty smart

The RMB/REPORT documents all current and past
production values and presents them in a clear
arrangement. This allows worldwide access to all
relevant data in realtime. At the same time, the
parameters can also be customised and the unit can
be controlled remotely.

Intuitive control

With a touch screen display integrated via a control
cabinet, operation of every neoTower® is incredibly
easy. In the process, user-friendly operation
is paramount. All relevant values are shown
conveniently on the display.

Durable industrial components

Three- and four-cylinder industrial engines from
Yanmar, Toyota and MAN. Thanks to their durability,
these industrial gas engines are ideally suited for
use in cogeneration units. In combination with highperformance generators from Emod and Marelli,
the components are the heart of every neoTower®.

Constant, low speed

A low and constant speed of the engine and
generator unit guarantees long maintenance
intervals of up to 15,000 operating hours and
minimal wear.

Output modulation

The neoTower® always adjusts its output to the current requirements of your property.
The adjustment can take place electricity-optimised or heat-optimised.
In the process, it only produces enough to meet current requirements.

Long maintenance intervals

With a constant low speed, the neoTower® minimises wear. The result is very long maintenance.

Remote monitoring

Every neoTower® is equipped by standard with wireless internet connection. This gives you access
to your CHP from anywhere in the world. Every unit is monitored by RMB/ENERGIE in realtime.

In conventional power production, up to 70% of the energy from central power plants is lost due to
transfer and heat loss.

Losses are minimised with cogeneration units such as the neoTower®. The waste heat which is generated in the production process is used directly for hot water preparation and transfer losses are minimised due to local use.

Cogeneration units produce electricity and heat simultaneously

A combustion engine powers a high-performance generator which produced electricity. The waste heat of the engine created in the process is used in order to heat your hot water. So you produce your energy where it is needed: In your property.


You save money with the simultaneous production of electricity and heat. The more
operating hours your neoTower® operates per year, the more money you have in your wallet.
Short amortisation times and low maintenance costs are additional indicators of a sound investment


With the neoTower®, you gain independence from rising energy costs. Since heat and valuable electricity are produced at the same time, you gain a measure of independence from large energy.


With the neoTower®, you reduce not only CO2 emissions but also spare valuable primary energy with highly efficient use. In addition, transfer losses are minimised due to short transport routes, because you produced the energy where it is needed: in the location of consumption.