For every project – always economical

In addition to industrial applications, our neoTower® combined heat and power units are also suitable for properties with higher comfort requirements, such as hotels, residential buildings, care homes and hospitals.

Thanks to its compact design and the ability to be disassembled for installation, the neoTower® can be used in almost any location.

Selected references


For Oxytabs in Rendsburg, as for most manufacturing companies, the favourable availability of electricity and heat plays an important role, both in terms of cost and security of supply. That’s why the company is using highly efficient CHP technology from RMB/ENERGIE in a newly built warehouse to ensure a higher degree of self-sufficiency.

Die Kletterei

In sports buildings, high overall energy requirements and particularly sensitive temperature and ventilation conditions place complex demands on the building services. At the “Die Kletterei” climbing and bouldering hall in Kaufering, Bavaria, which was built in 2016/17, a combined heat and power plant plays a key role.

HWK Dresden

With the opening of the “njumii” training centre for the skilled trades in 2021, the Dresden Chamber of Skilled Crafts and Small Businesses has opened what is probably the most modern HVAC training centre in Germany. All the knowledge about combined heat and power generation is taught there on a natural gas-fuelled neoTower® combined heat and power plant from RMB/ENERGIE GmbH. The manufacturer is also a training partner.


Innovative energy concepts allow building owners to combine sustainability and cost-effectiveness in a unique way. The starting point is often a combined heat and power plant, which supplies both electricity and heat, making it less dependent on external suppliers and creating more scope for new use and recycling models.

INTAX Oldenburg

Whether it is a taxi, driving school car or military vehicle, the wrapping of all types of vehicles and the installation of special technical equipment is used in many areas. Vehicle wrapping is done by hand and requires a great deal of skill.

Inselhotel König Norderney

The use of high-efficiency CHP technology is particularly suitable for energy-intensive properties such as hotels, as the in-house production of electricity and heat saves around a third of primary energy in the overall balance. The hotel has 51 rooms and also houses the Leib & Seele restaurant, the Bülow Bar and the cosy Fischerkate lounge-bar-pub.

AWO Emden

The use of modern combined heat and power plants for combined heat and power generation is particularly profitable where buildings have a high basic heat demand. This is also typical of retirement homes, where residents are often indoors 24 hours a day and want a higher room temperature.