Nearly 100% coverage of own electricity and heat requirements achieved


Whether it is a taxi, driving school car or military vehicle, the wrapping of all types of vehicles and the installation of special technical equipment is used in many areas. Vehicle wrapping is done by hand and requires a great deal of skill.

When processing the film, the special tension behaviour of the film adhesive places high demands on the environmental conditions. Ideally, the temperature in the spacious production halls should be 23°C – plus/minus 2°C – at all times. As part of a major redesign of the air conditioning system, a combined heat and power unit has been installed and is proving its worth throughout.


To reduce summer heating in an environmentally friendly way, the roof of the hall has already been covered with soil and plants. However, this measure to reduce solar heat gain was not sufficient. This is why a neoTower® is now being used here.

The neoTower® delivers up to 20 kW electrically and 46 kW thermally and can be power modulated over a wide range. This heat is not only used to heat the hall on cool days, but can also be supported by two peak load boilers. The thermal energy can also be channeled into an adsorption cooling system if required. This in turn is connected to chilled ceilings and the cooling coil of a ventilation system. Ultimately, the neoTower® ensures constant production conditions, even on days with high solar radiation.


For an industrial company such as INTAX, the use of CHP technology proved to be particularly appropriate, due in part to its high internal energy requirements. Optimum system dimensioning is crucial for amortisation, which is expected to be achieved after just over four years.

The narrow range of highly efficient neoTower® products in the power range up to 50 kW electric made it possible to create a customised solution. Initial results from the field confirm the plant designer’s predictions. In addition to the high quality of the neoTower®, the decision was also based on the good service provided by the manufacturer RMB/ENERGIE GmbH.


Customer: INTAX Innovative Fahrzeuglösungen GmbH
Field of application: Industry
Location: Oldenburg
Combined heat and power plant: neoTower® 20.0
Gas type: Natural gas
Rated output – electrica: 20,0 kW
Rated output – thermal: 45,8 kW