Training the HVAC trade in CHP

Training: Cooperation between Chamber of Crafts Dresden and RMB/ENERGIE GmbH


With the opening of the “njumii” (new me) training centre for the skilled trades in 2021, the Dresden Chamber of Skilled Crafts and Small Businesses has opened what is currently probably the most modern HVAC training and further education centre in Germany. All the knowledge about combined heat and power generation is taught there on a natural gas-fuelled neoTower® combined heat and power plant from RMB/ENERGIE GmbH. The manufacturer is also a training partner.

The paint still smells fresh, but the recently inaugurated training centre of the Dresden Chamber of Skilled Crafts and Small Businesses is already impressive in its first year of operation: On 7,320 square metres of floor space in the new building, almost 8,000 craftsmen are being trained each year in 350 continuing education courses and 24 master craftsman courses in 18 workshops with 176 workshop spaces using state-of-the-art technology.

Dresden Chamber of Crafts neotower 5.0
neotower 5.0 chamber of crafts dresden


Following a thorough needs assessment, the building complex was designed and built to accommodate the current and future needs of all areas of the HVAC industry. A project group identified the training needs, selected the equipment and developed the courses. Combined heat and power generation with cogeneration units is regarded as an important heating technology for the present and the future. The island is equipped with a working neoTower® 5.0 cogeneration unit.

The only difference between the exhibit and a standard unit is the Plexiglas side panels, which provide a transparent view of an exciting piece of technology in action. The electricity generated by this unit is used in the building and the heat is used to heat demonstration walls.


The recently opened training centre of the Dresden Chamber of Skilled Crafts and Small Businesses is an efficient training centre for modern heating and building technology, which will have an impact on training and further education in the HVAC trade far beyond the borders of Saxony.

A neoTower® cogeneration unit with an electrical output of 5.0 kW was installed to teach about cogeneration and to demonstrate the characteristics of this highly efficient technology. The cooperation between the Dresden Chamber of Skilled Crafts and Northern German manufacturer RMB/ENERGIE GmbH aims to raise awareness of cogeneration among planners, tradesmen and end customers.


Customer: Chamber of Crafts Dresden
Field of application: Schools
Location: Dresden
Combined heat and power plant: neoTower® 5.0
Gas type: Natural gas
Rated output – electrica: 5,0 kW
Rated output – thermal: 12,0 kW