Electricity and heat from in-house production at the Hotel König on Norderney


The use of high-efficiency CHP technology is particularly suitable for energy-intensive properties such as hotels, as the in-house production of electricity and heat saves around a third of primary energy in the overall balance.

The multi-storey complex of the Inselhotel König is located in the immediate vicinity of Norderney’s North Sea beach. The hotel has 51 rooms and also houses the Leib & Seele restaurant, the Bülow Bar and the cosy Fischerkate lounge-bar-pub. Hotels like this one, especially those of a higher standard, are energy-intensive businesses. From the kitchen to the bathrooms in the rooms to the wellness oasis, heat and electricity are needed in every nook and cranny, and they require a lot of energy. Erschwerend für die Heizungstechnik kommt der über den Tag stark schwankende Wärmebedarf mit deutlichen Spitzen am Morgen und Abend hinzu. The heat supply must not show any weaknesses at any time, as this would immediately lead to negative criticism from guests.

Restaurant Leib & Seele
neoTower Inselhotel Koenig


The new heating concept is expected to deliver significant savings through bivalent heat generation with a small CHP unit for base load and gas condensing technology for peak demand. A reliable profitability calculation paved the way for the new design and equipment of the heating system. At the heart of the new heating concept is a compact neoTower® 20.0 designed for continuous operation.

With a modulating output of 10.7 to 20 kW electrical (29.1 to 46.2 kW thermal), the CHP represents the mid-range of the neoTower® range in terms of output and, with the chosen dimensions, will operate practically 365 days a year, around the clock. Higher heating requirements are met by three cascaded wall-mounted gas condensing boilers. The left boiler acts as the main boiler. The heating system also includes two 815-litre buffer storage tanks and two 500-litre stainless steel hot water storage tanks.


The investment in a bivalent heating system, consisting of a neoTower® CHP unit and three cascaded gas condensing boilers, proved to be particularly advantageous in the renovation of the heating system at the Inselhotel König on the island of Norderney. A particular challenge was the small size of the boiler room. The two manufacturers were able to score points for the particularly compact dimensions of their powerful machines.

The design and conversion of the entire heating system took place during a four-week shutdown in November 2016, and the boiler system was replaced with neoTower® in 12 working days.



Customer: Inselhotel König Norderney
Field of application: Hotel
Location: Norderney
Combined heat and power plant: neoTower® 20.0
Gas type: Natural gas
Rated output – electrica: 20,0 kW
Rated output – thermal: 45,8 kW